Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Week's Tour

This week's stop on the tour is a new Metro Park- Scioto Audubon. Typically, I don't put Metro Parks on the tour because we are always doing their programming (see below for additional informtion on that!)

There is an amazing climbing wall and many other fun things to do in this park. I love the urban feel this park has with it being so close to downtown!


If you have not experienced programming with the Metro Parks- I encourage you to do so! They have specific 'Preschool Programs' (all which are FREE!!) and there are more family programs as well. Typically, the Preschool Programs are fine with siblings coming along and I think they are some of the best programs around. Some you need to register for in advance, others are open and you just show up! The entire schedule can be found here:

As with most activities, you will find some parks that you will prefer over others. Our favs are Inniswood, Battelle, Highbanks, and Sharon Woods. The others are great too- but these parks are a good hour of crafts, songs, nature education and I feel they go a bit more above the other parks.

When making plans to visit- make sure you read what is needed. Some classes require you to wear closed-toed shoes or that there will be a hike involved. Most of the times, these hikes aren't for strollers. And don't think because it is cold outsite you will be inside! Dress like you are planning to be outside no matter what the weather is like! (Speaking from experience!!!)

We try and go to every program we can with the Metro Parks. I hope that you will do the same! :)

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