Monday, July 19, 2010

Toy Story 'Little Green Alien' Cupcakes on a Rainy Afternoon!

After a couple of rainy and super-hot days, we decided to make the most of our indoor fun! Going with a theme of Toy Story....we watched Toy Story 2 and made 'little green alien' cupcakes!

I used a chocolate cake mix and used foil cupcake holders. I colored the icing green and used the following for decorations:
*Mentos for eyes
*cut up green sour gummi bears (poor guys....) for the ears, antennas
*black gel icing

The boys loved helping and there was plenty in this project each of them can do. Originally, the idea came from Family Fun Magazine, but I did edit it a bit because of the boys ages (3 and 5) to make them easier to get the same look. I iced the cupcakes for them and let them go to town on the decorating. I made one 'example' and let them do the rest. One alien only had two eyes and there were some other differences, but in the end- they looked cute and tasted great!! :)

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