Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Longing for Nice Weather!

As I get glimmers of spring in the future, I am starting to plan all of the stops on the tour for the summer! Similar to last year, there will be a big launch at the beinning of the summer. This year, I am hoping to start the tour as soon as nice weather hits and then those with older kiddos can join us once they are done with school.

For those new to the tour, here is the scoop:

*Each Thursday around 11, we all gather at a different playground on the tour. A lot of people bring blankets, food, etc. Some people stay an hour, others (like myself) make a whole day out of it!

*You do not need to be a part of the group to join us! This is open to EVERYONE! Friends, friends of friends, families, care givers, anyone!

*One goal of this group is to connect people. Maybe you work from home? Maybe you need a babysitter? Maybe you just need some new friends? This is what we want to accomplish. Networking. Last year I feel like we succeeded. I met some friends that I did not know when the summer began and my life if fuller because of it.

*I also hope to post activities that are around Columbus for kids as well. Rainy day activities, fun events, free places maybe you have not discovered yet, etc.

*All of the information can be found on this webpage. If there is rain, weather is too hot, etc. There is also a facebook page:!/pages/Columbus-Playground-Tour/109826292432156

I hope to post the summer schedule by the end of the week and then possible earlier dates we can play outside as well!

Thanks and I hope to see you on the tour!


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