Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Emerald Fields Playground in Review

Although many people had a hard time finding this out of the way park, everyone agreed it was wonderful. Located off of the section of Emerald Parkway that is north of Hard Rd in Dublin, this playground has something for all ages.

In the forefront is an electronic lights and sound game. Many kids stopped here to play for a long time. Who needs slides and swings when there are lights on poles? Beyond the light game is a very large climbing and sliding structure.

Accessible by ramps, this structure features several slides from tall and curvy to small and gentle for the littlest. A variety of ladders and other climbing challenges, in addition to steps and ramps, lead back up. Several games and activities can be found underneath.

There is also a large swing set. Besides the standard big kid swings, there are also several baby seat swings and two special needs swings.

Beyond the main playset, there are a variety of musical play toys: drums, chimes, push sounds. There is also a couple of spin seats for those that like to go round and round.

A pavilion and indoor restrooms and water fountains are nearby.

Overall, this is a beautiful and fun new park. If you didn’t make it out last week, it is worth checking out sometime this summer.

This week, we will be visiting Millstone Creek Park in Westerville.

*Thank you Kathy for this entry! :)

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